Super Mix Seed



  • King Uncle

Weight : 200 g
: Mix Seeds
Brand : King Uncle
Form : Fresh
This is a Vegetarian product.

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  • INGREDIENTS: Roasted Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Watermelon Seeds
  • IMMUNITY BOOSTER: This pack consists of Pumpkin seeds which contain magnesium in high amounts, thus helping in keeping you away from immunity disorders. They are rich in zinc which might contribute in boosting the immunity.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR: These seeds are free from any added refined sugars, which can be good for maintaining the insulin levels of the blood.
  • ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Power packed with antioxidants, it can help in fighting off the free radicals and save you from immunity disorders.
  • SKIN & HAIR CARE: Since these seeds are rich in vitamin E, they can help in preventing hair loss and strengthen the scalp. The presence of fatty acids such as omega-3 fats can also help in avoiding wrinkles.
  • HEALTHY SNACK: Being low in calories, it can help in reducing the extra weight and avoid you from the intake of high calorie junk foods.


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